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I'm Lisa, a stay at home mother of 2 beautiful girls. They keep me on my toes and I learn something new from them everyday. I'm also proud to say I have an amazing man. He has done nothing but be supportive and accepts me for who I am. He's been a great father figure to both my girls.
I'm attempting to write more about products I love, be it make up, clothing, food etc.  I've been doing freebies and surveys off and on and I've recently decided to be more active. Hopefully I can use this site to share what I've done. I'm also interested in giveaways so this is going to also be a new adventure for me.
I love to dabble in make up, play around with hair styles etc. I've lost a lil over 100 lbs in the last year. It's still a work in progress. After all, the weight didn't just pile on over night. I recently started to attempt to follow fashion. There are lots of cute ideas out there and many styles I would love to attempt.
In regards to my reviews, all opinions are 100% my own whether sponsored or not and will be noted as such when posted.



July 2, 2014

New things coming

Hello all

I have not written in quite sometime. 

I am working on new things. 
Some of which includes a brand new blog and an online store. 
I am still hoping to write about the goings on in my life as well as still write reviews, be it paid or just things I love and use in my every day life. 

I am excited to be working on an online store. I have been making jewelry for the last 2 year and I really want to get myself out there. 

I hope you hang around with me in all these new changes to come. 

I cannot wait! 

Have a fantastic summer! 
Here is to new things to come <3 

January 14, 2013

I'm back

Hi all, sorry I have been M.I.A for so long.
My family was pretty sick over the holidays and of course we were pretty busy as well.
I"ll be posting more this week and hopefully posting more in general.

I've got a few reviews to do for @BzzAgent, I am also going to be hosting a Sodastream party courtesy of +House Party Fun .

I'm also hoping to post a bit more about my polish etc. My collection is slowly growing and would love to add to it.

Take care and happy posting. 

December 4, 2012

Monday Mani (day late) 12/03/2012

 Hi all :)

This is my mani for Monday, December 03 2012.

I decided to go with Julep all the way from clear basecoat, 2 coats of Donna followed with some accent dots of Barbara and a finish of Juleps Matte Top Coat.

If you would like me to review or post about your polish, you can contact me through my blog.
Always up for something new :)

This post is not a compensated post. All opinions are my own as well as the products mentioned above.

November 19, 2012

Monday Mani

Since I have been loving painting my nails, thought I would do a Monday Mani.
This one is courtesy of Essies Recessionista and Nailtini Millionaire.
I decided to do an accent nail with the Nailtini Millionaire. I think it looks pretty good.

November 7, 2012

Nail Mail

I am in a polish group on Facebook that swaps Julep Polish and some other 3-free brands as well.

This was my nail mail for today.
I've really fallen for Brooke. She is a beautiful glittery sheer purple. I use her as a top coat on some of my darker shades.
Here is an example of my mani below. Sorry about my sloppy manicure. Forgot to clean those cuticles up.
These are Julep Brooke and Gayle

My swap mail Kleancolor Sugar Coat Julep Morgan, Brooke, Leslie and Vanessa. Also a sample of Julep lotion and some nail applique.    

I am in no way being compensated for this post. I purchase my own Julep subscription.
If you are interested in being a Julep Maven though you can join here and take a read at what its all about. Enter code MAVEN50 at check out and get your first month for $9.99. This is a subscription service so you will need to cancel. 

October 12, 2012

influenster revamp

I love word of mouth companies.
I've been a member of several months now and I've had the pleasure of taking part in 3 boxes so far.
It used to be pretty easy in my opinion to get qualified for boxes. Now, they are making you work harder and getting your influence out there. I think it's great. The more active, the better.

They are now doing a sort of point system. If you follow and meet certain criteria you get better chances of awesome themed boxes to review.

Here are a few of the boxes I've gotten to do.

influenster Mom VoxBox

influenster Palmolive Fresh Sponge VoxBox

influenster Love VoxBox   

I really love being able to tell others about products I love and would use in my own home.
With you get to do this.

Love to try new things?
Do you love to blog as well??
Love to give your honest opinions about the things you love?

Then you should check out influenster.

Please take a moment and click my link below and take a peek for yourself to see what influenster has to offer.   to request an invite.

September 11, 2012


I haven't been writing like I should.
Both my girls are back in school. They have been back about a week now and both seem to enjoy it greatly.
I have one daughter who is enjoying her first year of Kindergarten and my oldest daughter is now a 7th grader. She's loving it. She seems to be wanting to do better than last year.
My bf is paying for grades. He's got a pretty great deal, I'm not sure why she didn't try harder last year.

My health is still the same. Nobody seems to know and the one doctor I am seeing now is "certain" that I have i.b.s. I don't agree with him of course but who I am to argue with a doctor.
I also spoke with him about the pelvic pain I get as well so he ordered an ultrasound for that which I had Monday, yesterday. It seemed to take a while. She didn't say much and I wasn't really sure if I could ask her questions about what she saw, if anything. I hope something gets figured out. Whatever is going on with me is taking a toll on me.

I've got a BzzAgent review or two to post here soon. I also have another Julep post as well. Hopefully I can get them up tonight. I've got swatches for a couple eye shadows I own as well.

Thanks for reading tonight.